2018 Canadian Open Judo Championships – Day 2

The Blue Wave had a strong performance on Day 2 at the 2018 Canadian Open National Judo Championships as Alberta found the podium in many events. Here are some results from the day:

Cecilia Medilo – U18 F48
Kiera Westlake – U18 F57
Rashad Chin – Vet M66
Kyle Crowell – Vet M81
Jim Karas – Vet M100
Mark Pivovar – Vet M100+

Ema Tesanovic – U18 F48
Julia Sergeeva – U18 F70
Lloyd Kratky – Vet M66
Tim Takahashi – Vet M66

Emma Caldwell – U18 F52
Douglas O’Brien – U18 M46
Spencer McDaniel – U18 M50
Carlos Grisales – Vet M100

Congratulations to all judoka and we look forward to more success on Day 3!

To view the complete results from Day 2 please visit http://www.edmontonjudo.com/edmontonjudo.com/nationals2018/Nationals2018/Day2/index.html