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Judo Canada Awards and Recognition

Judo Alberta was well represented at the 3rd Annual Judo Canada Awards and Recognition presentation in conjunction with the Judo Canada Nationals banquet.

The Awards and Recognition Committee’s mandate is to recognize the contribution of our volunteers and athletes at all levels who meet the gold standard of commitment to our sport and are crucial to the development and advancement of Judo in Canada.

Mark Hicks

(Outstanding Shiai Volunteer Award)
Mark Hicks started judo at 10 years old in Manitoba and to this day he is still involved in the sport. He has been running the St. Albert Tokai Judo Society for the last 27 years. Using his professional management skills, he became actively involved in a community based organization that covers multiple cities in Alberta. Each year, the organization runs five regional tournaments with the intent of introducing our younger judoka to competition. It also helps prepare parents and volunteers to run the tournaments.
Mark has provided continuous leadership and direction to his group in all aspects of its operation since the early 2000’s. In 2006, they created the Edmonton International Judo Championship. Their organization worked diligently and their efforts have resulted in what is now a very-well run tournament in Canada. This event has grown from a regional base to one with international reach. In 2017, there were 925 competitors registered to compete.

Garry Yamashita

(Outstanding Board & National Committee Contribution Award)
Garry Yamashita is the President and Technical Director of the Hiro’s Judo Club. He has been in judo for 47 years and currently holds the rank of rokudan. His original sensei was Mr. Oye from Manitoba. He came to Alberta in 1981 and was a provincial team member for many years before becoming a provincial coach.
Garry is a member of the National Grading and Kata Commission for Judo Canada. He is also a member of the sub-team that revised the National Grading Syllabus this past year. He is a nationally certified kaya judge and active as a kata judge provincially, inter-provincially, and at the national championships.
Garry is also a member of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Committee for Judo Canada. His role is to help deliver the Competition Development Course and review and revise the NCCP policies as required. Garry has been certified as an NCCP Learning Facilitator and is currently working on becoming certified as an NCCP Coach Evaluator.

Brian Fujimoto

(Most Outstanding Referee Contribution Award)
Brian is a member of the Judo Canada Referee Committee since 2016. Since then, he has played a rolein many international competitions such as:
– Member of the Commission during the National Championship in Calgary on May 2016
– Member of the Commission and examiner for Nat A and B referee examination at Pacific International, Richmond BC, March 4-5th, 2017
– Referee at the Abierto Pan-American Open in Santiago, Chili, on March 17-19th, 2017
– Member of the Commission at the National Championships 2017 in Calgary Alberta, May 25-28, 2017/

Kiera Westlake

(Most Outstanding U16 Female Athlete of the Year)
– 2017 U18 Invitational Judo Championship (3rd)
– 2017 Invitational Judo Championship (3rd)
– 2016 U18 Ontario Open (2nd)
– 2016 U18 Quebec Open (3rd)

Annabelle Darlow

(Most Outstanding U18 Female Athlete of the Year)
– 1st in points U18 (Feb 2017)
– U18 Invitational Judo Championship (1st)
– National Championship Elite 8 (2nd)
– Ontario Open 2016 (1st)
– Quebec Open 2016 (1st)
– 2016 U18 Canadian Open Judo Championships (2nd)

Joel Demaere

(Most Outstanding U18 Male Athlete of the Year)
– 1st in points U18 (Feb 2017)
– 2017 Saskatchewan Open (1st)
– U18 Invitational Judo Championships (2nd)
– 2016 Ontario Open (1st)
– 2016 U21 Quebec Open (3rd)

2017 Canadian Judo Championships Wrap Up

The 2017 Canadian Open Judo Championships were once again a tremendous success. A special thank you to Judo Canada, the Local Organizing Committee and all of the volunteers who dedicated their time into making this event world class.

Congratulations to Team Alberta on an amazing performance. The hard work and dedication by both coaches and athletes throughout the year payed off as Alberta collected a combined 51 medals setting a new provincial record!

Here are all of the results from the weekend:

Nage No Kata U21
Nage No Kata
Kime No Kata
Katame No Kata
Ju No Kata
Goshin Jutsu

Honorary Black Belt Presented at the Open Nationals


Judo Alberta and Judo Canada are pleased to welcome the City of Calgary Mayor Mr. Naheed Nenshi with an honorary black belt.

Thank you to the City of Calgary and Mr. Mayor Nenshi for your support in hosting the 2017 Canadian Open Judo Championships!

2017 Canadian Open Judo Championship Underway!


The 2017 Canadian Open Judo Championships are underway at the Calgary Olympic Oval!
You can catch all of the action live at http://www.judocanada.tv/
All the results can be found at http://www.judocanada.tv/resultatsresults/

Judo Alberta Officially Hires Part Time Assistant Coach

Hello Judo Alberta Members,


I am happy to announce that Judo Alberta has agreed to terms to hire Laurie Wiltshire to take on the role of assistant HP Coach. Laurie’s key focus will be continuing her hard work developing a high performance training group in the Calgary area, traveling to Edmonton for regional training and assisting at several Judo Alberta trips and events from now until August!

Laurie acted as the Judo Alberta Interim High Performance coach in 2014-15. Her expertise and experience will be a great addition to the association and we are happy to have her back!


Judo Alberta Coaching Staff

To learn more about Laurie please click here to view here bio.


The “Dojo Instructor” course provides the participant with knowledge to instruct technical, physical, and mental aspects of judo and, via completion of an ON-LINE learning module, basic nutrition. The course prepares the participant to be a club instructor responsible for providing judokas with the basic physical literacy skills with emphasis on children under the age of 14; and judo skills as described in the Judo Canada syllabus; and to introduce young judoka to competition.


• Minimum age of 18.
• Minimum rank of Brown belt with a working knowledge of the judo techniques included in the Judo Canada Kyu syllabus.
• Complete the on-line “Nutrition for Judo Coaches” E-learning module.
• A letter of recommendation from the sensei stating that the participant meets the technical requirements.
• Trained DA
• Sterling Backcheck – for details see: http://sterlingbackcheck.ca/cac_ace The Backcheck is required only if the length of time between the check done for the DA was done more than 3 years earlier.


June 16, 2017 9:00 am – 6:30 pm
June 17, 2017 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
June 18, 2017 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Airdrie Judo Club, Plainsman Arena, 320 Centre Avenue East, Airdrie, AB

To Register:

Go to www.coach.ca and select the Workshop Calendar and enter June; Alberta; and Judo to find the course to register. You will have to login to the Locker to register, so have your NCCP # and password available along with credit card information.

Elite Athlete Funding Announcement

The Judo Alberta Coaching Committee would like to congratulate the following athletes who have been granted athlete funding.  Funding is based on performance and results, commitment to training, participation in National or International events and financial need. These athletes applied for the first round of elite athlete funding for “costs incurred from” events participated in from December 2016 to April 2017. The next round of funding will be announced in August 2017 for competitions and training camps participated in between April 22 2017 – August 30, 2017.


* Athletes received funding from the Judo Alberta CWG program for the Sportif, Scoland competition


Athletes that have received funding this round must fill out an athlete expense claim form attach their invoices from competitions/ training camp and sends into Garry Yamashita to receive their funding. gee_why2@yahoo.com

Thank you

Judo Alberta coaching staff

To view the Athlete Expense Form please click here.

Elite Athlete Funding Announcement

2017 Open Nationals Funding Announcement

Judo Alberta is proud to announce the funding for the following athletes for the 2017 Open National Championships

The final funding amounts will be finalized following the registration for the Open Nationals on May 25, 2017 to take into account injuries and withdrawals of athletes.
2017 Open Nationals selection policy:

Judo Alberta Coach Committee

Mr. Allan Sattin Recognized with the Alberta Sport Connection Sport Volunteer Award

Edmonton – Alberta Sport Connection (ASC) has announced their 2016 Athlete and Team of the Year
Awards and 2017 Alberta Sport Recognition Awards for coach developers, coaches, officials and

“These individuals and teams are Alberta’s best. We’re proud of what they’ve achieved and honoured to recognize them for their outstanding contribution to sport in our province,” said Andrew Ference, Chair of Alberta Sport Connection. “They have reached higher, dug deeper, led by example, and made our sport system better.”

Allan has dedicated over 40 years to developing the sport of Judo in Alberta. His contributions to Judo have had a significant influence on the way the sport has grown today and he is well recognized throughout the membership. Since 1971 Allan has shared his knowledge and leadership with Judo Alberta acting as Provincial Coach, President, Secretary, Grading Committee Member, Referee Committee Chair, and currently our Awards Committee Chair.



Whenever there is a major sporting event being hosted in Alberta, Mr. Sattin is always heavily involved in the organization of the event. He has dedicated his time to the following events:

  • Judo Chair, First Alberta Winter Games, Banff, Alberta 1976
  • Judo Chair, Western Canada Summer Games, Calgary 1983
  • Chair, 1993 Canadian National Junior Judo Championship, Calgary
  • Chair, 1996 Canadian National Junior Judo Championship, Calgary
  • Chair, Kodokan Kata Clinic Tour (Western Region) 1998
  • Chair, 2009 Canadian National Junior Judo Championship, Calgary
  • Chair, 2016 Canadian Open National Judo Championship, Calgary

Some personal achievements include:

  • Rokudan 2011
  • International Judo Federation “B” Continental 1995
  • NCCP Coaching Certification, Level 3 (1991)
  • Alberta Centennial Medal 2005
  • Awarded Alberta Centennial Salute to Sport and Recreation, 2005, in recognition of outstanding
    contribution in the first 100 years of the Province of Alberta
  • Appointed by the Minister of State (Sport) to the Board of Directors of the Sport Dispute
    Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC), 2009 and reappointed 2012.
  • Appointed by the Minister of State (Sport) as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
    SDRCC, 2013
  • Inducted into the Judo Canada Hall of Fame as a Builder, 2014
  • Appointed Life Member of Judo Canada, 2014
  • Chair, Legal Committee, Panamerican Judo Confederation, 2016 – present

Both the provincial and national Judo community appreciate individuals such as Mr.  Allan Sattin for their extraordinary contributions to the sport they love, without them the succession and growth of Judo would not be possible.

Volunteer Awards recognize the significant contributions of individuals devoting their time and effort to the development of sport. The Awards will be presented at the Alberta Sport Recognition Awards Banquet on April 28, 2017, at the 2017 Alberta Sport Leadership Conference in Banff.

More information on the Alberta Sport Connection Recognition Awards can be found at https://albertasport.ca/programs/awards/ 

Judo Alberta Provincial Team Selection


Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to represent Team Alberta!

First Name LAST NAME Club Weight Category
Darren Elcock Airdrie M60
Boyd Hum Airdrie M46
Justin McEachern Airdrie M60
McKenzie Morgan Airdrie M81
DELAYNE ROWLAND Grande Prairie F44
Brett Dudar Hayabusa Training Centre M66
Seth Nobert Hayabusa Training Centre M55
Losan Shishani Hayabusa Training Centre F70
Tymour Anan Hiro’s M46
Max – Brown Hiro’s M55
Despina Christou Hiro’s F52
Jarrett Hanearin-Balczer Hiro’s M46
Katsuo Leung Hiro’s M46
Danil Mamiashev Hiro’s M81
Chris Mogdan Hiro’s M42
Erin Morgan Hiro’s F48
Ty Nakano Hiro’s M73
Douglas O’Brien Hiro’s M38
Adam Thomson Hiro’s M73
Alex Wilczek Hiro’s M50
Tait Wiley Hiro’s M81
Stevie Williams Hiro’s M81
Vasfi Aliyev Kodokwai M100+
Rashad Chin Kodokwai M60
Josh Fulcher Kodokwai M73
Davis Johnston Kodokwai M66
Kondelia Karas Kodokwai F48
Jordan Landry Kodokwai F70
Spencer McDaniel Kodokwai M46
Kelley Polowy Kodokwai F57
Julia Sergeeva Kodokwai F70
Stefane Truong Kodokwai M66
Mikail Uritsky Kodokwai M66
Victor Vysotski Kodokwai M38
TAYLOR ALTHOUSE Lethbridge Kyodokan M73
EMMA CALDWELL Lethbridge Kyodokan F52
MATTIE CALDWELL Lethbridge Kyodokan F57
ETHAN COBBE-HOGGAN Lethbridge Kyodokan M81
KIYOMI COFFMAN Lethbridge Kyodokan F57
ANNABELLE DARLOW Lethbridge Kyodokan F70+
JACQUELINE DEMAERE Lethbridge Kyodokan F57
JOEL DEMAERE Lethbridge Kyodokan M60
NATHAN DEMAERE Lethbridge Kyodokan M55
BRADY DIXON Lethbridge Kyodokan M55
SHIANNE GRONEN Lethbridge Kyodokan F78
CHRISTIAN HILL Lethbridge Kyodokan M66
JOSH HILL Lethbridge Kyodokan M73
CONNOR HUDSON Lethbridge Kyodokan M60
KAYEN IVEY Lethbridge Kyodokan M66
TAEYA KOLIASKA Lethbridge Kyodokan F52
COLIN KUNZLI Lethbridge Kyodokan M100+
AIDAN LAZENBY Lethbridge Kyodokan M38
DAWSON MANDEL Lethbridge Kyodokan M90
VIRGINIA NEMETH Lethbridge Kyodokan F48
SARAH PERKS Lethbridge Kyodokan F78+
CORALEA PIENKOWSKI Lethbridge Kyodokan F52
ZAC RENDER Lethbridge Kyodokan M73
BRANTLEY SAAR Lethbridge Kyodokan M60
BLAKE SUDO Lethbridge Kyodokan M60
JESSE TORTORELLO Lethbridge Kyodokan M66
KEIRA TROTTER Lethbridge Kyodokan F78
HANA VARSANYI Lethbridge Kyodokan F70
KIERA WESTLAKE Lethbridge Kyodokan F52
Declan Harding Ryu Senshi M50
Kyle Crowell St. Albert M81
Lloyd Kratky St. Albert M66
Jerko Simundza St. Albert M100
Kurtis Johnson Tokugawa M81
Joe Parrell Tokugawa M81
Anna Prus-Czarnecka Tokugawa F44
Jan Prus-Czarnecki Tokugawa M66
Alexander Wu Tokugawa M60
David Wu Tokugawa M66
Alexandra Gagnon Tolide Judo Club F57
Nicholas Gagnon Tolide Judo Club M66
Robert Kingston U of A M90
Amin Moazeni U of A M66
CHRIS BAILEY Univ. of Leth. M81
ALICIA BRIGGS Univ. of Leth. F57
Joe Casey Andres Lethbridge Kyodokan M100+

Kata Team

Keith Bibbey Tolide Judo Kwai
Wesley Enns Tolide Judo Kwai
Robert Kingston U of A Judo
Amin Moazeni U of A Judo
Kelly Palmer U of A Judo
Gord Okamura U of A Judo
Amin Moazeni U of A Judo
Gord Okamura U of A Judo
Jennifer Parker Barracuda Judo Club
Gavin Parker Barracuda Judo Club


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