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2018 Red Deer Invitational

2018 Red Deer Invitational

To download the technical package please click here.

It has been confirmed that the following clubs will be hosting remote weigh in’s for the Red Deer Tournament on November 30th:


Tokugawa – Edmonton & area   7-8 PM

Ishi Yama – Calgary & area   7-9 PM

Lethbridge – Lethbridge & area   7-8:30 PM

Provincial Referee Development Grant

Provincial Referee Development Grant

Provincial Referee Development Grant


To encourage members to pursuit refereeing. Two grants will be available in the amount of $250 each, one for southern Alberta and one for northern Alberta.

Grant Timeline:

September 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019

Provincial Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be U16 and up.
  • Minimum green belt or higher.
  • Must be a member in good standing with Judo Alberta.
  • Must have officiated two (2) regional tournaments (ex: Lethbridge or EYJS monthly)
  • Must pass their provincial C referee examination
  • Must have officiated a minimum three (3) of the following tournaments in the U14 categories and below:
    • Red Deer tournament
    • U of A
    • Rocky Mountain
    • Florence Senda
    • Katsuta Cup
    • Provincials


If there are more than one candidate in an area, the referee committee will choose the winner based on ability.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in applying for this grant, please contact referee committee chair Tammy Thornton at mrst@telusplanet.net

Thank you,


Judo Alberta Referee Committee

Quebec Open Results

It was a great weekend for Team Alberta at the 2018 Quebec Open in Montreal, QC. Here are some results from the weekend:

Quebec Open Day 1 results

U18 1st place
44kg Evelyn Beaton
48kg Ema Tesanovic
70kg Julia Sergeeva

U18 2nd place
81kg Taylor Althouse

U18 3rd place
44kg Brynn Iwassa
46kg Philip Allen
57kg Kiera Westlake
66kg Nathan Demaere

U18 5th place
46kg Aidan Lazanby
50kg Douglas O’Brien
55kg Katsuo Leung
57kg Emma Caldwell
60kg Brady Dixon
63kg Greta Goasdoue-Wallace
66kg Alexander Wu

U21 1st place
52kg Taeya Koliaska
60kg Joel Demaere

U21 2nd place
57kg Alex Gagnon

U21 5th place
81kg Mckenzie Morgan

Day 2 Quebec Open results

U16 1st Place
40kg Brynn Iwassa
48kg Charlize Medilo

U16 2nd Place
55kg Anthony Gorodetsky
63kg Greta Goasdoue-Wallace
55kg Shion Crook

U16 3rd Place
38kg Tayven Tremblay
42kg Caleb Demaere
44kg Evelyn Beaton
46kg Philip Allen

U16 5th Place
73kg Andrew Micu

Senior 1st place
48kg Virginia Nemeth
52kg Taeya Koliaska

Senior 2nd place
48kg Ema Tesanovic 70kg Shianne Gronen

Senior 3rd place
52kg Erin Morgan

To view the complete results from the Quebec Open please visit https://judocanada.tv/resultatsresults/

Judo Alberta Hotels – Edmonton International Judo Tournament

EIJT Host Hotels

NCCP Dojo Assistant Course (November 23-25, 2018)

NCCP Dojo Assistant Course (November 23-25, 2018)

NCCP Recertification Notice

Judo Alberta Recertification Notice

Judo Alberta Winter Camp December 14-16, 2018

2018 JU-AB Winter Camp

Regional Training Camps October 26-27, 2018

Edmonton Area Regional Training Session

October 26/27, 2018
Division: U14, U16, U18, U21, seniors, Masters

Friday October 26, 2018
Tokugawa Judo Club
Saturday October 27, 2018
Tokugawa Judo Club
19:00PM to 21:00PM Technique & Randori 8:00AM to 9:00AM Fitness Training
10:00AM to 12:00PM Technical Training & Randori

Addresses of Training Sessions:

Tokugawa Judo Club
9647 62nd Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Regional Training Camp Saturday October 27, 2018 (Calgary)

Division: U14, U16, U18, U21, seniors, Masters

Address for regional training camp location:

Hiro’s Judo Club
#115 1919 – 27th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta
Time: 16:30PM to 18:30PM

Judo Alberta Canada Games Team

Thank you to everyone who attended the CWG Trials in Calgary. We are please to announce the Judo Alberta Canada Games Team:

44kg Evelyn Beaton, Lethbridge Judo Club
48kg Ema Tesanovic, Ishi-yama Judo Club 
52kg Michelle Grisales, Hoku Sei Kan Judo Club
57kg Kiera Westlake, Lethbridge Judo Club
63kg Teyana Roberts, Hiros Judo Club
70kg Julia Sergeeva, Kodokwai Judo Club

50kg Spencer McDaniel, Kodokwai Judo Club
55kg Katuso Leung, Hiros Judo Club
60kg Joel Demaere, Lethbridge Judo Club
66kg Nathan Demaere, Lethbridge Judo Club
73kg Nicholas Gagnon, Tolide Judo Club
81kg Taylor Althouse, Lethbridge Judo Club
+81kg Sasha Tanasuik, Kodokwai Judo Club

Judo Alberta Kata Clinic October 27

Judo Alberta Kata Clinic Oct 2018

Saturday October 27, 2018
10:00 – 16:30

Ishi Yama Judo Club
Acadia Recreation Complex
240 90 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0A3

Registration:  $25.00 at door.

If you have any questions, please contact Gord Okamura at gyokamura@gmail.com


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