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NCCP Recall

Dear Coaches,

This memo is to remind all coaches active in the judo community, that as per the Coaching Association of Canada policy, any NCCP certification granted in Canada will expire on the fifth anniversary unless the coach accumulates the required Professional Development (PD) points. For details please see pages 20 and 21 of the NCCP policy:


Where do you find when your certification expires?

In the LOCKER in your profile/ certification tab you will see:

HOW TO EARN PD points?

All the PD activities must be recorded in the LOCKER.

  • Self directed activities must be recorded by each coach in their own LOCKER profile page where the “self-report” button is available in the “certification” tab (see the picture above).    NOTE: the annual coaching is a self directed activity worth one point per year and must be reported in the LOCKER each year.  The LOCKER will not accept retroactive reporting.
  • Any Nationally or Provincially/Territorially sanctioned PD activity (coaching clinic –  i.e. seminars for coaches delivered by invited experts, instructor clinic – I.e. kata seminars, etc.) will be recorded in the LOCKER by a designated NCCP facilitator who has access to the LOCKER.  These activities must be approved for the PD points by Judo Canada in advance of such activity being conducted.  No retroactive approval will be granted.
  • Any organized by the CAC (both in person or on-line) courses or seminars -i.e. the Sport Leadership Symposium are automatically reported in the LOCKER and award PD points.
  • Any organized by Judo Canada NCCP activities are automatically recorded in the LOCKER and award PD points.

What if you do not have enough PD points on the date of certification expiry?

If coaches choose to remain active , then their two options to be recertified will be either to take the course again or challenge the evaluation.  Judo Canada course and evaluation fees will apply as per the NCCP policy – see page 31: HTTP://WWW.JUDOCANADA.ORG/WP-CONTENT/UPLOADS/2011/05/2017AUGUST-NCCP-POLICY-EN.PDF

2017 Dojo Assistant Course – Lethbridge, AB

Date: October 13-15, 2017

Location: Lethbridge Judo Club (2775 28 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB T1K 7L6)

Materials: Course materials will be provided

Required: Pen, paper, judogi

The deadline to register is October 6th, 2017.

Registration details:

  • Log on to coach.ca
  • Under the “Coach Training” header, left click on “NCCP Workshop Calendar”
  • In the filter enter “October” and “Judo”, an event should show up on the calendar for October 13, 14 & 15, on the right hand of the screen click “Event”.
  • A new screen will open and a “register for this event” button should appear. Left click on this button and register for the event.
  • Please see the pathway below to register.

Please note, Judoka need to be 16 or older, green belt or higher to receive certification.

I look forward to seeing you there,


Keith Bibbey
NCCP Chair
Judo Alberta

Judo Alberta Annual Awards


Hello Judo Alberta Members,

Nominations for the Judo Alberta Annual Awards are now open! Members are welcome to submit their nominations from the 2016-17 season for the following categories:

Volunteer of the Year
Coach of the Year
Referee of the Year
Club of the Year

Nominations can be completed online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8XMDH36

The deadline to submit nominations is Saturday September 30th at 4:00PM.

Thank you!

Judo Alberta

Edmonton International Judo Championship

Edmonton International Judo Championship

Dear Fellow Alberta Judoka,

In the time period between March 9th and 12th, 2018 the 13th edition of the Edmonton International Judo Championship and Judo Symposium is taking place in the centre of the largest indoor mall and entertainment centre in North America. The Edmonton Yudanshakai Judo Society, Judo Alberta, and Judo Canada would like to encourage athletes, coaches, referees, parents, and club administrators to come to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to participate in this event.

It is our belief that our ALBERTA Judo tournament, which attracted 925 participants in 2017, will provide all athletes in attendance a tremendous opportunity to obtain a volume of valuable, high quality, national and international competition experience in an extremely safe environment. Our location and the associated infrastructure supporting Edmonton, ensures ease of access to the city, and the venue, while at the same time it limits travel costs and associated time zone issues that sometimes plague competitors interested in competing in large tournaments. For Canadian and American athletes, far and wide, there is an ease of travel to Edmonton. We would ask that you share this information with your many judo friends in other locations.

We believe that the tournament’s multi day format also facilitates travel time for all participants, no matter where they are from, and our mat system ensures an organized flow of events for every competitor. We are pleased to advise that as a result of the historic success of our tournament product offering we are already receiving multiple inquires from judoka from various countries interested in participating in this year’s Edmonton International.

Our venue is like no other judo tournament in the world, and our schedule also ensures that participants, coaches and families have the opportunity to partake in the special events aspects of the largest indoor shopping and entertainment center in North America, West Edmonton Mall. This facility with over 800 stores, 110 restaurants, the world’s largest indoor amusement park, world’s largest indoor water park, a casino, an entertainment centre, and much more, ensures that all members of your entourage will be entertained. For those not in attendance these past few years please visit www.westedmontonmall.com for more details of the ancillary benefits of the West Edmonton Mall venue.

From a judo perspective, we believe our location provides a unique opportunity for the display and understanding of our sport, as a result of the 100,000 + people per day walking around the enclosed but open air tournament site. Please review our website  www.edmontonjudo.com for pictures of this very dynamic tournament environment.

The mid of March is a perfect time to participate in our judo event. The Tournament and associated workshops have proper judo activity for every taste and interest. You can come to Edmonton with your team, family or with your judo friends from all over, and feel that Judo is more than just sport.  As stated, more than 925 athletes experienced that in 2017 and we expect that similar participation in 2018 from your fellow judoka who will be joining you this spring in Edmonton. For many it will be a meeting place of old friends, consolidated by a long friendship in judo.

The Edmonton International has become the largest full range tournament in Canada, reaching all categories of Judoka from children to Masters. This category A, Canadian National Team points tournament, in addition to providing an incredible array of competitors and outstanding judo, includes other important and remarkable activities, attractive to everybody who likes judo including:

  • Friday Afternoon from 2 to 3:30 pm, a Judo camp for children U16 and down where the younger judokas will be introduced to the mysteries of judo. We encourage all instructors to join us on the mats for this. For 2018 our youth will not only participate in a massive tournament but will be have the opportunity of meeting and being instructed at this tournament specific Friday training event by USA Olympic silver medalist Travis Stevens who is bringing with him a large group of competitors to compete at this year’s Edmonton International. Travis understands the value of youth in our sport and has offered to be a guest instructor in this afternoon event. It will be a special time for the youth of our sport, and it is these moments that help cement desire and commitment into the young minds about our sport.
  • With fresh rules for our sport now in place we have put together a top notch Referee Symposium with panel members fresh from the Pan American IJF referees clinic. This event will take place Friday evening in the conference room of  one of our host hotel, the Executive Inn, to ensure all referees, coaches and fighters are fully aware of today’s judo rules.
  • In conjunction with Judo Canada, we are providing Live internet broadcasting of every mat.

We have arranged hotel packages for participants and members of their travel teams which are included in the tournament package and on our website www.edmontonjudo.com, additional hotels will be coming online shortly so check back regularly to our website for further selection should the three in this present package be sold out.  Additionally, any further information or tournament package revisions will be uploaded on our website as they become available. If you have any questions in the short term I would be pleased to respond by email.

Please mark your calendars, adjust your budgets, and plan to travel this March 9th. 10th  and 11th  2018 to the Edmonton International Judo Championship, truly a unique and outstanding Judo tournament experience. We would ask that you share this information with your many judo friends in other locations.

Yours in Judo,

Mark K. Hicks

Tournament Director

Edmonton International Judo Championship



To view the tournament technical package please click here.


Regular Registration closes February 25, 2018 at 23:59 MST
Late Registration closes March 3, 2018 at 23:59 MST; No registrations will be accepted after March 3, 2018.

Regular Registration closes February 25, 2018 at 23:59 MST
Late Registration closes March 3, 2018 at 23:59 MST; No registrations will be accepted after March 3, 2018.


Elite Athlete Funding Announcement

The Judo Alberta Coaching Committee would like to congratulate the following athletes who have been granted elite athlete funding. Funding is based on performance and results, commitment to training, participation in National or International events and financial need. These athletes applied for the third round of elite athlete funding for “costs incurred from” events participated in from April 2017 to August 2017. The next round of funding will be announced in November 2017 for competitions and training camps participated in between September 2017 – December 2017

Ranking Name National & International Events Funding
1 Kiera Westlake Cadet Pan-Am, Cadet Worlds $     750.00
2 Annabelle Darlow Cadet Pan-Am, Cadet Wolds $     750.00
3 Joel Demaere Cadet Pan-Am, Cadet Worlds $     750.00
4 Virginia Nemeth U21 European Tour, National Camp $     300.00
5 Cecelia Medilo Cadet Pan-Am $     300.00
6 Ema Tesanovic Cadet Pan-Am, Judo School $     300.00
7 Hana Varsanyi U21 European Tour, National Camp $     300.00
8 Erin Morgan Pan-Am Championships $     300.00
9 Shaianne Gronen U21 European Tour, National Camp $     300.00
$  4,050.00

Events which have been supported with Judo AB funding or were explicitly not included in this funding opportunity were not considered in these applications.

Athletes that have received funding this round must fill out an athlete expense claim form attach their invoices from competitions/ training camp and sends into Garry Yamashita to receive their funding.

Thank you

Judo Alberta coaching staff

To view the official announcement please click here.

Sportif 2018 Selection Standards

Judo Alberta will be taking a group of Canada Winter Games athletes to Sportif International 2018 for a competition and training tour.

Approximate Dates: March 28, 2018 to April 04, 2018

Maximum of 25 Alberta athletes will be selected for this training tour (funded / self-funded)

CWG Funded Athletes

(Funding Amount to be determined)
A ranking list will be developed from the following competitions.

2018 Elite National

2017 QC Open

2017 ONT Open

1st 2nd 3rd 5th 7th
5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts 1pt

• If you are the only athlete in your weight division, you receive 1 point
• Must win 1 fight to receive points if there are more than one person in the division

Minimum Training Standards 2017-2018 season

1 x National Training Camps
2 x Provincial Camps
BC Inter-Provincial Camp – Invermere, BC

Judo Canada will also have a athletes from Lethbridge RTC attending this event and other RTCs in Canada.

Self-Funded Athletes:

U18 / U21 athletes from Alberta who are not selected for this event are invited to attend this event. Athletes attending this event should be a medallist previous National Championships or Quebec Opens or Ontario Opens or can be recommended by the Judo Alberta Coach Committee.


Attending an international event should not replace any provincial or domestic developmental events. This is a great event for athletes who have been competing at the national level and are serious about training and performance.

Self-Funded Coaches:

Judo Alberta will accept self-funded club coaches. Club coaches who are interested in this event should attend a minimum of 2 x provincial camps, BC interprovincial camp.

Coaches needed to be recommended by their judo clubs to the Judo Alberta Coach Committee


Cost: $2,000.00-$2,500.00 – flights, accommodations, transport, etc


$1,500.00 non-refundable deposit (Approximate Cost of the plane ticket)

Ewan Beaton HP Judo Alberta Coach
Phone: (403) 892-6099
E-mail: ewan@judoalberta.com

Japan 2018 Selection Standards

Judo Alberta will be taking a group of Canada Winter Games athletes to Japan 2018 for a training tour.

Approximate Dates: July 17, 2018 to August 05, 2018

Week 1: Kodokan Training Camp, Tokyo
Week 2: High School Training Camp, Katsura

Maximum of 25 Alberta athletes will be selected for this training tour

1st Selection CWG Funded Athletes

(Funding Amount to be determined)
Minimum Performance Standards:
There will be funding available for number 1 ranked athletes in the Canada Winter Games Selection:

Minimum Training Standards 2017-2018 season
2 x National Training Camps
2 x Provincial Camps
BC Inter-Provincial Camp – Invermere, BC
Alberta Inter-Provincial Camp – Canmore, AB

Note: If number 1 ranked athletes are unable to meet the minimum training standards they will be provided funding to participate in the 2018 Judo Saskatchewan Summer Camp

2nd Selection: Self-Funded Athletes:

Minimum Performance Standards:
Gold Medal: 2017 Quebec Open or 2017 Ontario Open or 2018 Elite Nationals
Gold Medal in both: 2018 Pacific International & 2018 Edmonton Open
Judo Canada National H Team or better

Minimum Training Standards 2017-2018 season
2 x National Training Camps
2 x Provincial Camps
BC Inter-Provincial Camp – Invermere, BC
Alberta Inter-Provincial Camp – Canmore, AB


There is a high percentage of randori at these training camps in Japan. Each day will comprise of 4 to 5 hours of training a day and it is important that athletes have participated in training camps provincially, inter-provincially and at national camps to help adapt to the training load. There is an expectation that Alberta athletes have full participation at these level of camps.

Judo Canada RTC athletes (out of province) and Judo Canada RTC outreach athletes can/will be invited to participate in this event by RTC head coach following the selection. The Judo Alberta Coach Committee hold the rights to recommend athletes to the team who fall outside of minimum performance standards.

Self-Funded Coaches:
Judo Alberta will accept self-funded club coaches. Club coaches who are interested in this event should attend a minimum of 2 x provincial camps, BC interprovincial camp, Alberta Inter-Provincial camp and have a minimum of 5 athletes participating at the 2018 Open National Championships.

Coaches needed to be recommended by their judo clubs to the Judo Alberta Coach Committee

Approximate Cost: $3,000.00-$3,750.00 – flights, accommodations, camp fees, train fees


$1,500.00 non-refundable deposit (Approximate Cost of the plane ticket)

Ewan Beaton HP Judo Alberta Coach
Phone: (403) 892-6099
E-mail: ewan@judoalberta.com

Judo Alberta at the Cadet Worlds

Hello Everyone,

Joel Demaere and Kiera Westlake competed hard today in Chile at the Cadet World Championships. They both went out with the right attitude and mind set in their matches and tried to throw. Unfortunately they did not reach their goals but I am proud of the way they have approached their preparation. They went into their matches to win and tried to win! This attitude will carry them forward in future competitions.

Joel won his first match vs Armenia and lost his second to the Ukraine. Kiera lost her only match to Ecuador. They are both young will have opportunities to return to the world stage in the future.

Keegan Young from Ontario captured a bronze medal today.

Note: Please check the IJF website and the Judo Canada website for photos of Joel and Kiera.

Ewan Beaton
High Performance Coach – Judo Alberta

Elite Athlete Funding – April 2017 to August 2017

The Judo Alberta coaching staff has released the Elite Athlete funding application.

This application is for funding for Judo Alberta/ Judo Canada events that have taken or will take place between: April 21, 2017 to August 18, 2017

A) Athletes Selected by Judo Canada to participate in International Events
B) International Events recognized by Judo Canada (National Team
Handbook) & Judo Canada RTC International Competitions/Tours
C) National Point Events and Training Camps
D) Special Provincial Training Camps

The elite athlete funding is for athletes in age divisions U18, U21, and Senior that are travelling out of province for tournaments or training camps at a national or international level.

The Judo Alberta coaching staff is allocating $4,000.00 towards this part of the season for elite level athletes. The whole funds may or may not be completely used depending on the number of applicants and events.

Applying for this funding does not guarantee that funds will be issued to you. The coaching staff are looking for athletes that have shown dedication to their own judo training, tournament participation, and training camp participation. Also the coaching staff are looking for athletes that are planning for future goals in the sport. Please see a list of example tournaments that we will fund on the Elite athlete funding policy.

The coaching staff do want the athletes to have full support from their personal coach/ head sensei/club before applying for funds.

The deadline to apply for this round of funding is:
August 18, 2017

Please submit funding applications to Ewan Beaton: ewan@judoalberta.com

• Judo Alberta will only accept applications by email or given directly
to the HP Coach

Thank you

Judo Alberta Coaching Staff

Application Form
Elite Athlete Funding Announcement

2017 U.S Open Judo Championships – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Blue Wave was well represented in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the 2017 U.S Open! Here are some results from the weekend.

Day 1:
Ceceilia Medilo -48kg cadet Gold
Ema Tesanovic -44kg cadet Gold
Anna Plus-C -47kg u15 Gold
Katsuo Leung – 48kg u15 Gold
Alex Wu -64kg u15 Gold
Michelle Griseles -53kg u15 Silver
Nathan Demare -58kg u15 Silver
Aiden Lazenby -40kg u15 Bronze
Katsuji Leung -53kg u15 Bronze
Andrew Micu -53kg u15 Bronze
Alex Wilczek -50kg cadet 5th place

Day 2:
1st place Ema Tesanovic -44kg Junior
5th place Ty Nakano -73kg Junior
5th place Max Brown -55kg Junior
1-2 Keenan Hanearin- Balczer -38kg intermediate 2
N.C Blake Sudo -66kg Junior
N.C Nicholas Gagnon -66kg Junior

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