Canada Winter Games Funding

Hello coaches,

Judo Alberta is proud to provide funding for the following Canada Winter Games eligible athletes for the 2017 Pacific International on March 04-05, 2017.

The athlete will be provided with the funding following the event. Judo Clubs are responsible for registration, flight and hotel arrangements. (Judo Alberta is not making arrangements only funding)

Canada Winter Games Funded Athletes:

Number Name Club
1 Brette Dudor Hayabusa
2 Seth Norbert Hayabusa
3 Desi Christou Hiros
4 Danil Mamiashev Hiros
5 Katsuo Leung Hiros
6 Jarrett Hanearin-Balczer Hiros
7 Jakob Gorodetsky Ishi-yama
8 Julia Sergeeva Kodokwai
9 Kelley Polowy Kodokwai
10 Davis Johnson Kodokwai
11 Josh Hill Lethbridge
12 Jesse Tortorello Lethbridge
13 Emma Caldwell Lethbridge
14 Coralea Pienkowski Lethbridge
15 Taylor Althouse Lethbridge
16 Zac Render Lethbridge
17 Connor Hudson Lethbridge
18 Alexander Wu Tokugawa
19 Jan Prus-Czarnecki Tokugawa
20 Nicolas Gagnon Tolide


Judo Alberta Acceptance Deadline is: February 03, 2017


Ewan Beaton will be staying for the first 2 days of the national training camp. The training camp is an excellent opportunity for athletes to train with athletes from other athletes and national coaches. It is recommended for athletes to attend this camp. The camp is eligible for points in the Judo Alberta selection criteria for the 2017 Open Nationals.

Guest coach for the camp will be National Coach Janusz Pawlowski. He is a former World Championship and Olympic medallist who has coached/trained numerous world class athletes around the world. The training camp will also feature athletes from Japan who were participating at the 2017 Pacific International.

Please provide me with a list of athletes who will be staying for the camp.

Ewan Beaton
Judo Alberta HP Coach