Judo Alberta 2017-18 Schedule of Events

Judo Alberta 2017-18 Schedule of Events

The 2017-18 Judo Alberta Schedule of Events is now available!

Please note that some dates and locations are subject to change. The membership will be notified of any changes in a timely manner.

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Montreal, August 13, 2017 – “Mission accomplished!” exclaimed national team coach Jean-Pierre Cantin at the closing of the Cadet World Judo Championships, which came to an end on Sunday in Santiago, Chile.

On the closing day of the tournament, the countries in attendance faced off in the team challenge. Canada’s team finished in seventh place after being eliminated by the Germans in the first round of the repechage. “The strategy was pretty simple. The female German athletes were too strong for our women so the only way we could come out on top was if our men won all their events. This left us with no leeway and no room for error,” explained Cantin.

The coach pulled out his secret weapon, Ontario’s Benjamin Kendrick, for the +81 kg bout. The U90 kg bronze medal winner successfully completed his mission. “Ben managed to score a magnificent ippon against his opponent, who had to be at least 40 kg heavier than Ben. It was spectacular.” Despite that victory, the Canadians came out on the low end of a tight 4-3 score, which put an end to their day.

Earlier, they had won their first match of the day against the Mexicans. “In the first fight against Mexico, I had to choose between Luka Khatelishvili and Alexandre Arencibia for the U81 kg division, and between Ian Ryder and Benjamin Kendrick for the +81 kg division. In order to maximize the athletes’ experience, I selected Alexandre and Ian.”

In the second round, Cantin’s protégés bowed out to a strong Brazilian team; the final score was 8-0. “I knew the Brazilians would be too tough for us so our strategy was to conserve as much energy as possible for the repechage. Incidentally, the Brazilians placed second overall.”

For today’s team events, Canada’s team was composed of Aidos Sapenov (U55 kg), Kiera Westlake (U52 kg), Keagan Young (U66 kg), Alicia Fiandor (U63 kg), Alexandre Arencibia (U81 kg), Luka Khatelishvili (U81 kg), Benjamin Kendrick (+81 kg), and Ian Ryder (+81 kg).

A total of two Canadians stepped onto the podium in Santiago. In addition to Kendrick, Keagan Young won a bronze medal in the U66 kg category earlier in the week.

“All the athletes worked hard and I’m proud of them,” declared Cantin, who also wished to recognize the excellent work of assistant coaches Ewan Beaton and James Millar, who greatly contributed to the team’s success. “We reached our goal together. Working with colleagues of their calibre throughout the preparation period and here at the Championships was not only a pleasure, but also a guarantee of a job well done.”

Source – http://www.judocanada.org/seventh-place-finish-for-canadas-team/

Judo Canada RTC Lethbridge Program 2017-2018

Maintaining Status as RTC Athlete

Year one of the RTC program allowed athletes come and go as these wish with limited accountable for attendance. Year two of the program will have specific expectations set on the athlete’s attendance and participation in the full program. The goal of the program is to build high level athletes that can perform at the International level.

U21 4 Nights Randori, 3 Technical Sessions, 2-4 Fitness/Strength Sessions per week (95% attendance)
U18 4 Nights Randori, 3 Technical Sessions, 2-4 Fitness/Strength Sessions per week (90% attendance)
U16 3-4 Nights Randori 1-2 Technical Sessions, 2-3 Fitness/Strength Sessions per week (85% attendance)
U14 3-4 Nights Randori 1 Technical Sessions, 1-2 Fitness/Strength Sessions per week (80% attendance)

Provincial Team Weight Training Only: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (90% attendance)

Important: If there are time to time specific conflicts (work, school, family) that will happen in the training program these commitments need to be communicated and talked about. It is required that 48hour notice is sent to Ewan Beaton: e.beaton.judo@gmail.com . The goal is to have an individual program for everyone that works within a team developmental concept.

Example: Joel, Nathan and Caleb will not be able to attend Saturday sessions until November because they have to work every Saturday morning/afternoon. (This will not be held against them in their attendance records if communicated)

If you cannot make the commitment and follow the training program then maybe the RTC Lethbridge is not for you. The training requirements are based on the volume that is needed for each age group so they will be able to have the training habits needed to be an international athlete.

International Development

One of the goals of the RTC Program is to develop athletes to a high level of international judo. It is important that athletes gain international experience as they head down the high performance pathway. We want to place athletes on World Championships Teams (U18/U21) but we also want to ensure they are prepared and have confidence in their abilities when they compete at this level.

The international developmental program does not take priority over inter-provincial and national events. Athletes who are travelling internationally are expected to follow and attend the Judo Canada national competition circuit.

December 2017 France (16 days) – RTC Selection / Recommendation
March 2018 Portugal/Germany (16 days) – Judo Canada Selection or Standards
July 2018 Japan – (18 days) – Judo Alberta Selection & RTC Selection / Recommendation
• U21 Japan – High School student

March 2018 Germany – Judo Canada Selection or National Team Standards
March Scotland (U18) – Judo Alberta Selection & RTC Selection / Recommendation
July 2018 Japan – (18 days) – Judo Alberta Selection & RTC Selection / Recommendation

March Scotland (U18) – Judo Alberta Selection & RTC Selection / Recommendation
July 2018 Japan – (18 days) – Judo Alberta Selection & RTC Selection / Recommendation

Note: There is a self-funding cost to all of these events. There will be funding available to athletes through the Lethbridge Judo Club travel budget. (Athletes need to be a member of the club for a minimum of 2 years to have access to funds)

2017-18 Judo Alberta Registration Information

2017-2018 Membership Information

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Then deadline to register for the 2017-18 season is September 30th, 2018.

2015-16 Judo Alberta Award Nomination Forms

2015-16 Judo Alberta Award Nomination Forms

Attention Judo Alberta Members,

With the 2016-17 season upon us it is time to select recognize our 2015-16 volunteer of the year, coach of the year, referee of the year, and club of the year.

If you are interested in entering a nomination, please submit them no later than Monday Sept 26, 2016.

Completed nomination forms can be returned to the Judo Alberta office at judo@judoalberta.com

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

To view the forms please click here.

Kind Regards,

Nate MacLellan

What You Need To Know About Concussions in Judo

What You Need To Know About Concussions in Judo

Judo Canada has released new information on concussions in Judo. Check out the pamphlet here.

Judo Alberta Coats

Judo Alberta Coats

Judo Alberta is now accepting orders from the general membership for official Judo Alberta coats. Cost is $100. Please contact Kelly Thornton for more information or call 780-886-9920.

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