2018 Canadian Open Judo Championships – Day 3

It was another great day on the mats for Team Alberta as they collected a combined 25 medals between the U16 and U21 divisions! Here are the results from the day:

U16 Division:
F36 – Brynn Iwaasa GOLD
F40 – Evelyn Beaton GOLD
F44 – Rylie Caldwell BRONZE
F48 – Anna Prus-Czarnecka BRONZE
F52 – Angie Grisales GOLD
F63 – Teyana Roberts GOLD
F63 – Greta Goasdoue-Wallace SILVER
M38 – Caleb Demaere GOLD
M38 – Victor Vyscstki SILVER
M42 – Aidan Lazenby GOLD
M42 – Elijah Hill BRONZE
M55 – Katsuo Leung BRONZE
M60 – Katsuji Leung SILVER
M60 – Nathan Demaere BRONZE
M66 – Alexander Wu BRONZE
M73 – Pierce Bishop BRONZE

U21 Division:
F48 – Virginia Nemeth GOLD
F52 – Taeya Koliaska SILVER
F52 – Emma Caldwell BRONZE
F57 – Alexandra Gagnon SILVER
F63 – Hana Kuna GOLD
F70 – Shianne Gronen GOLD
F70 – Julia Sergeeva BRONZE
M60 – Joel Demaere SILVER
M81 – McKenzie Morgan BRONZE

Congratulations to all athletes and we look forward to watching the Senior division tomorrow for the final day of competition!

To view the complete results please visit https://judocanada.tv/resultatsresults/