Elite 8 National Championship Results

The Elite 8 National Championships took place this past weekend in Montreal, QB. Here are the results from the competition:

Elite 8

Taeya Koliaska -48kg u18 First
Alex Gagnon -57kg u18 second
Annabelle darlow +70 u18 second
Sarah perks +70kg u18 First
David Wu -60kg u18 dnp
Joel demaire -60kg u18 fifth
Adam Thomson -66kg u18 first
Tanner Sudo -81kg u18 first

Senior Division:
Erin Morgan -52 second

Third place for the following:
Taeya K
Ali B
Kiera T
Rashad C
Hana V
Darren E
Tanner S

Congratulations to all competitors!

Judo Alberta