Elite Athlete Funding Announcement

The Judo Alberta Coaching Committee would like to congratulate the following athletes who have been granted elite athlete funding.  Funding is based on performance and results, commitment to training, participation in National or International events and financial need. These athletes applied for the third round of elite athlete funding for “costs incurred from” events participated in from December 2017 to April 2018. The next round of funding will be announced in August 2018 for competitions and training camps participated in between– April 2018-August 2018

Ranking Name National & International Events Funding
1 Virginia Nemeth Belgium/Paris & Portugal/Bosnia  $ 600.00
2 Shianne Gronen Belgium/Paris & Portugal/Bosnia  $ 600.00
3 Erin Morgan IJF World Cup Bulgaria  $ 500.00
4 Annabelle Darlow U21 Portugal & Bosnia  $ 400.00
5 Hana Kuno U21 Portugal & Bosnia  $ 400.00
6 Cecelia Medilo U18 Turkey & Croatia  $ 400.00
7 Joel Demaere U18 Turkey & Croatia  $  400.00
8 Ema Tesanovic U18 Turkey & Croatia  $  400.00
9 David Wu U21 London Sportif  $   200.00
10 McKenzie Morgan U21 London Sportif  $   200.00
TOTAL  $  4,100.00

Events which have been supported with Judo Alberta funding or were explicitly not included in this funding opportunity were not considered in these applications.

Athletes that have received funding this round must fill out an athlete expense claim form attach their invoices from competitions/ training camp and sends into Garry Yamashita to receive their funding.


Sincerely Judo Alberta coaching staff