Elite Athlete Funding Announcement

The Judo Alberta coaching staff has released the Elite Athlete funding application.
This application is for funding for Judo Alberta/ Judo Canada events that have taken or will take place between: April 1st- August 31st, 2015

*Priority funding:
1) Senior Athletes attending International Events
2) U21 Athletes attending International Events
3) U18 athletes attending International Events
3) Senior athletes attending Elite 8/ National Camp/ Pacific International
4) U21/U18 athletes attending Elite 8/ National Camp/ Pacific International*

The elite athlete funding is for athletes in age divisions U18, U21, and Senior that our travelling out of province for tournaments or training camps at a national or international level.
The Judo Alberta coaching staff is allocating $3700.00 towards this part of the season for elite level athletes. The whole funds may or may not be completely used depending on the number of applicants and events.

Applying for this funding does not guarantee that funds will be issued to you. The coaching staff are looking for athletes that have shown dedication to their own judo training, tournament participation, and training camp participation. Also the coaching staff is looking for athletes that are planning for future goals in the sport. Please see a list of example tournaments that we will fund on the Elite athlete funding policy.

The coaching staff do want the athletes to have full support from their personal coach/ head sensei/club before applying for funds.

The deadline to apply for this round of funding is Monday August 24th, 2015

To view the Elite athlete Funding Application please click here.

Please submit funding applications to Laurie Wiltshire: laurie@judoalberta.com

Thank you
Judo Alberta Coaching Staff