How To Become A Member

What our membership does for you:

If you are a resident of Alberta you are eligible to become a member of Judo Alberta.
Our membership is built of individual members, referees and clubs throughout the province. Judo Alberta provides its members with quality training at all levels including recreational, fitness, and high performance. Your membership gives you the ability grow through sanctioned grading’s as well as compete in sanction events throughout the province.

How to become a member:

If you are interested in becoming a member of Judo Alberta please take a look at our list of clubs
near you. If you require more information please contact the Judo Alberta office.

Judo Canada Fees for 2019-2020 Season

Dear PTSO,

The board of Judo Canada has decided to amend for the upcoming season the fee plan that was presented to the AGM in September 2016 and reviewed in 2017. This revised fee plan will be valid until August 30, 2021.
For the upcoming season, a club fee of $100 will be introduced.

Important info: This fee will not be charged for clubs with 10 and more members as of October 15 of each season.
The goal is to encourage clubs to affiliate their members early in the season and benefit from the insurance coverage as the judokas make their first step on the tatami in the new season.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.

Nicolas Gill

Judo Canada Fees 2019-2020

Judo Canada Memo

Judo Canada Fee Schedule

2019-2020 Membership Information

IMPORTANT: All clubs need to be registered before October 15 along with a minimum of 10 members to not be charged $100 club fee by JC. Please use this registration link

Registrar Memo 2019-2020

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Judo Alberta Junior Member Waiver Form
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