Judo Alberta at the Cadet Worlds

Hello Everyone,

Joel Demaere and Kiera Westlake competed hard today in Chile at the Cadet World Championships. They both went out with the right attitude and mind set in their matches and tried to throw. Unfortunately they did not reach their goals but I am proud of the way they have approached their preparation. They went into their matches to win and tried to win! This attitude will carry them forward in future competitions.

Joel won his first match vs Armenia and lost his second to the Ukraine. Kiera lost her only match to Ecuador. They are both young will have opportunities to return to the world stage in the future.

Keegan Young from Ontario captured a bronze medal today.

Note: Please check the IJF website and the Judo Canada website for photos of Joel and Kiera.

Ewan Beaton
High Performance Coach – Judo Alberta