Judo Alberta Registration 2015-2016

NOTE: All paperwork and payments for Registrations and Promotions must be sent to Helen Bienert at 53529 Range Road 224, Ardrossan, AB T8E 2L8. DO NOT send them to Judo Alberta’s office.

• Deadline for registration and fees is September 30, 2015

• Club membership spreadsheet AND payment must both be received before registrations will be processed. Until received, registration with Judo Alberta and Judo Canada are not valid which could disallow athletes participating in provincials, nationals or international events, training camps or other related events.

• If a club or its members are not registered by the deadline and wish to participate in a tournament/event, registration and payment must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to that tournament/event. Registrations will not be processed at a tournament/event site.


– Need to be completed and submitted to the Registrar so accurate Club and contact information is posted on Judo Alberta’s website and can be given to phone inquiries at Judo Alberta’s office. Every Judo Alberta affiliated club is required to provide their own waivers for each member to sign. For the safety of each club and its members, be sure to have current members sign a waiver form and incorporate a waiver system when new members join. If you have any questions or need assistance creating a waiver form please contact the Judo Alberta office.


– Each member completes this form to assist the Club in completing Judo Canada’s spreadsheet for submission to Judo Alberta. This form does not get sent to the Registrar or Judo Alberta offices; it is kept for club use and reference.

Club registrars are to ensure its club member information is accurate (ie. spelling of names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, emails, etc.). It is imperative that this information is accurate and up to date as this is the only way Judo Alberta has to contact members.


– Each club member needs to complete this document. The original is kept by the Club with access by Judo Alberta should the need arise. A Pipeda Agreement does not need to be completed each year; just once for as long as they are a member. Judo Alberta needs to be provided with a copy of the Exclusion List.


— Promotion form needs to be filled out completely including qualified Examiner or Sponsor signature. Both this form and payment need to be received before Promotions will be processed. All Promotions must be registered with Judo Alberta; unregistered promotions could cause delays or problems in future promotions, Shodan grading, tournament registrations, Nationals, Alberta Winter Games, Canada Winter Games, etc.

To view the Judo Alberta registration fees please click here.

All Judo Alberta forms can be found at http://www.judoalberta.com/index.php/registration/

Helen Bienert
Judo Alberta Registrar