Judo Alberta Yudansha Gradings

Please be advised of the following:

1. Judo Canada will be issuing a new National Grading Syllabus effective January 1, 2017. The current grading forms excel file found on the Judo Alberta website will be updated and posted.

2. For future tournaments, yudansha candidates will be expected to track their competition points on the Tournament Point Certification forms and submit them when they apply for yudansha gradings. In the “rank” field, just indicate whether the opponent’s rank is black belt or colour belt. Unsubstantiated points may possibly be disallowed. Participation points do not require a Tournament Point Certification form.

3. If you attend approved kata clinics and wish to earn points, you should sign the attendance sheet.

4. Participation in regular Team Training camps or NCCP courses cannot be claimed for points. However, “Nationally recognized training camps can count for points.

5. Points for NCCP Certification or for Coaching requires the candidate to be fully certified under the definition of the NCCP program (attendance at courses does not mean full certification).

6. Effective January 1, 2017, in Kata Competitions, 2 points per team you beat can be claimed for placing (no need for 5 teams in category). Participation points can be claimed.

7. Demonstration of kata at a yudansha grading should be formal (proper bow in, clean judogi, technically correct, etc). Candidates should select a partner (uke) who is proficient and will enable the candidate to best demonstrate the kata.

8. Demonstration of techniques at a yudansha grading should be done in a randori style. Candidates and their partners should both wear white judogi.