Judo Canada Awards and Recognition

Judo Alberta was well represented at the 3rd Annual Judo Canada Awards and Recognition presentation in conjunction with the Judo Canada Nationals banquet.

The Awards and Recognition Committee’s mandate is to recognize the contribution of our volunteers and athletes at all levels who meet the gold standard of commitment to our sport and are crucial to the development and advancement of Judo in Canada.

Mark Hicks

(Outstanding Shiai Volunteer Award)
Mark Hicks started judo at 10 years old in Manitoba and to this day he is still involved in the sport. He has been running the St. Albert Tokai Judo Society for the last 27 years. Using his professional management skills, he became actively involved in a community based organization that covers multiple cities in Alberta. Each year, the organization runs five regional tournaments with the intent of introducing our younger judoka to competition. It also helps prepare parents and volunteers to run the tournaments.
Mark has provided continuous leadership and direction to his group in all aspects of its operation since the early 2000’s. In 2006, they created the Edmonton International Judo Championship. Their organization worked diligently and their efforts have resulted in what is now a very-well run tournament in Canada. This event has grown from a regional base to one with international reach. In 2017, there were 925 competitors registered to compete.

Garry Yamashita

(Outstanding Board & National Committee Contribution Award)
Garry Yamashita is the President and Technical Director of the Hiro’s Judo Club. He has been in judo for 47 years and currently holds the rank of rokudan. His original sensei was Mr. Oye from Manitoba. He came to Alberta in 1981 and was a provincial team member for many years before becoming a provincial coach.
Garry is a member of the National Grading and Kata Commission for Judo Canada. He is also a member of the sub-team that revised the National Grading Syllabus this past year. He is a nationally certified kaya judge and active as a kata judge provincially, inter-provincially, and at the national championships.
Garry is also a member of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Committee for Judo Canada. His role is to help deliver the Competition Development Course and review and revise the NCCP policies as required. Garry has been certified as an NCCP Learning Facilitator and is currently working on becoming certified as an NCCP Coach Evaluator.

Brian Fujimoto

(Most Outstanding Referee Contribution Award)
Brian is a member of the Judo Canada Referee Committee since 2016. Since then, he has played a rolein many international competitions such as:
– Member of the Commission during the National Championship in Calgary on May 2016
– Member of the Commission and examiner for Nat A and B referee examination at Pacific International, Richmond BC, March 4-5th, 2017
– Referee at the Abierto Pan-American Open in Santiago, Chili, on March 17-19th, 2017
– Member of the Commission at the National Championships 2017 in Calgary Alberta, May 25-28, 2017/

Kiera Westlake

(Most Outstanding U16 Female Athlete of the Year)
– 2017 U18 Invitational Judo Championship (3rd)
– 2017 Invitational Judo Championship (3rd)
– 2016 U18 Ontario Open (2nd)
– 2016 U18 Quebec Open (3rd)

Annabelle Darlow

(Most Outstanding U18 Female Athlete of the Year)
– 1st in points U18 (Feb 2017)
– U18 Invitational Judo Championship (1st)
– National Championship Elite 8 (2nd)
– Ontario Open 2016 (1st)
– Quebec Open 2016 (1st)
– 2016 U18 Canadian Open Judo Championships (2nd)

Joel Demaere

(Most Outstanding U18 Male Athlete of the Year)
– 1st in points U18 (Feb 2017)
– 2017 Saskatchewan Open (1st)
– U18 Invitational Judo Championships (2nd)
– 2016 Ontario Open (1st)
– 2016 U21 Quebec Open (3rd)