LTAD Committee

A Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model is designed to provide a blueprint for the athletic and personal development of the participants. The model is also designed to help with healthy life-long sport participation.

The LTAD model is an initiative of Sport Canada. A panel of world experts was brought together to create a generic model that was to be adapted by each sport ( see Canadian Sport for Life website). Judo Canada’s LTAD model was born of this generic model under the guidance of a Steering Committee composed of judo experts from across Canada and from abroad.

The LTAD model divides judokas in different categories based on their age and their level of activity.

•Stage 1: Active Start (0-6 years)
•Stage 2: FUNdamental (girls 6-8, boys 6-9)
•Stage 3: Learn to Train (girls 8-11, boys 9-12)
•Stage 4: Train to Train (girls 11-15, boys 12-16)
•Stage 5: Train to Compete (girls 15-21, boys 16-23)
•Stage 6: Train to Win (girls 18+, boys 19+)
•Stage 7: Active for Life (any age participant)

You can learn more about each stage by clicking here

LTAD Resources

  • Sport For Life – LTAD Video
  • Upcoming LTAD Events

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