Rocky Mountain Invitational Judo Tournament April 1, 2017


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Nage No Kata Clinic March 25-26, 2017


2017 Judo Alberta Summer Camp


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International Blind Sports Association Referee Clinic – March 10th, 2017


Judo Alberta CWG Program 2017 Junior US Open Selection


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U14 Early Bloomer: 2017 Canadian Open Judo Championship


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EYJS Monthly Judo Tournament February 11th, 2017


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Coaches Tip: Recipe of a Champion

Hello coaches,

Recipe of a Champion:
I have attached this article by Renee Hock former national team member and BC provincial coach. It is an excellent break down of what athletes need to do to progress in this sport as competitors. The key is consistency over a long period of time, week after week, month after month and year after year. This is demanding and during this time it is important to keep your program full of goals and ideas to keep it fresh and new. Progression and new challenges is one of the keys to keep athletes moving forward.
Recipe of a Champion

Note: We need to sell the power of the blackbelt. When you see how many people never make it to SHODAN it is really a great achievement. Sell judo for life!

New Rules:
Please remember to talk to your athletes about the new rules and try to bring some of the ideas into your practice. There will be a new rule clinic at the Pacific International and at the Edmonton International.
You can also catch some of IJF Grand Slams and World Cups on Saturday and Sunday mornings in IPPONTV.

If you have 30 minutes to catch some matches you will have a first hand look at what the rules look like and are being applied at the highest level. (there might be some adaptations in the next 3 weeks but it will give you a good indicator of what matches will look like)

Judo youtube also has the new rules clinic posted:

With the new rule changes I want everyone to understand the importance of teaching high quality throwing judo, traditional sleeve and lapel or sleeve and overhand. All athlete should be masters of sleeve control in the same side situation and inside grip control in opposite side situations. It is like a great painter; first you need to be fantastic at being a great classical/basic painter then you can move to the abstract.

The problem is that many people short cut to the popular or new fad without becoming experts in the basics. Not having good basics will slow down an athletes progression as they move up the competitive ladder.
Remember as we experiment with new grips and the new rules that it is important to pound home the basics in kumi-kata.

Posture is everything:
Please have athletes pay attention to their posture in randori and when performing skills. They need to stand straight and do this under pressure. With the new rules there is potential for a lot more power full gripping situations and athletes need to be able to stay straight and strong.

It is important that coaches share and talk about Anti-doping in sport and to have athletes to check their medications to ensure that they meet the anti-doping code. Judo Alberta will be running a few clinics in near future for athletes at training camps.

Please look through the update doping control list just to ensure that you are noting taking something that was added to the banned list. If you have questions regarding any medication please contact the CCES or go to the Global DRO site.
Athletes should verify the prohibited status of their medication(s) using the following CCES resources:
• Global DRO:
• CCES Athlete Zone:
• Email
• Info Line: 1-800-672-7775

Have a great day,

Ewan Beaton
Judo Alberta HP Coach

15th Annual Female Training Camp and Sleepover


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