Judo Saskatchewan Summer Camp

Big group from Judo Alberta at Sask summer camp this week. All athletes worked really hard and learned lots. Very happy coach!

Judo Alberta High Performance Coach
Laurie Wiltshire

St. Albert Summer Camp 2015

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McMurrayite judoka eyes first major tournament at home

During Laurie Wiltshire’s career in the sport of judo, she had the chance to travel Canada and the world.

First, it was off to Prince Albert, Sask. in 1999 for the Western Canada Summer Games, then Bangkok, Thailand in 2007 for the FISU Summer Games and more recently, Guadalajara, Mexico for the 2011 Pan American Games.

What she’s always missed out on though is the chance to compete at home in a major multi-sport games, an experience she’ll finally accomplish this August when she returns to Fort McMurray as an assistant coach on Alberta’s judo team.

“I would say it’s a little bit more stressful at tournaments,” said Wiltshire of the transition to coaching from being an athlete. “I’m worrying more about 20-30 other athletes rather than just myself. Your thoughts and your processes are going over what 30 or 40 people are doing instead of what do I have to do to get ready.”

Following a successful judo career that saw her win eight national titles — including seven at the senior level between 2005 and 2011, Wiltshire has turned her attention to Alberta’s next generation of judokas.

While her career began well before 1999, the year put her on Judo Canada’s map after a silver medal at the Western Canada Summer Games in Prince Albert, Sask. and a fourth place finish at the Canada Winter Games in Bathurst, N.B.

That year kickstarted her judo career into full force, culminating in 2012 as an athlete with a long list of accomplishments to her credit at the national and international level.

It’s with the same determination she’s taken to the coaching aspect of the sport in her retirement from the mat.

“She’s always enthusiastic about coaching — that’s a passion that I saw in her as an athlete,” said Wiltshire’s former coach Garry Yamashita. “When she did that Canada Winter Games apprenticeship, I was actually her mentor coach for that time and I think her enthusiasm for the sport and willingness to take on new challenges is always there.”

Now that she’s traded in joint locking and pinning techniques for booking flights and consulting with judo clubs around Alberta, Wiltshire is facing new challenges that can’t easily be thrown to the floor and tackled in a matter of seconds.

“Totally on the mat coaching, it’s what I was expecting, but all the extra stuff that the coaches do that you never see until you do it was a surprise,” she added.

With all the other duties on top of her, 2015 will not only be Wiltshire’s return to Fort McMurray, but also judo’s return to the Western Canada Summer Games, where it hasn’t been contested since 2003. Though it’s taken 31 years and she’s no stranger to Fort McMurray, Wiltshire is looking forward to finally being home at MacDonald Island Park during the judo competitions in less than three weeks.

“I’m excited to do a games in Alberta and be part of Team Alberta. I’ve never been to a games in a home province before. It should be a whole different aspect.”

Robert Murray
Fort McMurray Today

Judo Alberta Coaches Retreat

Dear Judo Club Sensei,

The Judo Alberta Coaching Staff would like to offer a Club Coaches Retreat on September 12-13, 2015. We hope to use this time to provide you, the club sensei, with the time to understand and become familiar with the Judo Alberta Team Selection Policy and any other Coaching Policies of interest. Furthermore, we would like to have the opportunity to share the goals of the Coaching Committee and the training program being used with your team athletes. This Retreat will be a combination of on mat activities as well as off-mat seminars. Judo Alberta will cover the cost of one night hotel room for coaches outside of the Edmonton area. As well, Judo Alberta will cover the registration fee for the dojo-shu (chief instructor) or his designate. The registration fees will help cover the costs to host the event. The event will conclude with a Coaches Appreciation Dinner (covered by Judo Alberta) where we will have time to relax and socialize. Together we can develop a strong Team Alberta for the next three Nationals in Calgary (and beyond!!)

Please fill in the questionnaire below and email it back to Garry Yamashita at gee_why2@yahoo.com. If you have question or concerns in any area of the Coaching committee, please add it in the comments section at the end.

To view the questionnaire please click here .

If you could please distribute this memorandum to anyone who might be of interest it would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,

Judo Alberta Coaching Committee

2015 Junior Olympic National and International Championship Results

Congratulations to Team Alberta on a great performance at the 2015 Junior Olympic National and International Championships in Irving, Texas.

Here are the results from the weekend:


-48kg Virginia Nemeth 1st
-57kg Brette Poliakiwski 1st
-63kg Hana Varsanyi 1st
-70kg Keira Trotter 1st
-60kg David Wu 3rd
-73kg Dawson Mandel 3rd
-81kg Tanner Sudo 1st


-57kg Brette Poliakiwski 1st
-57kg Alexandra Gagnon 2nd
-63kg Hana Varsanyi 1st
-70kg Jordan Landry 1st
-70kg Keira Trotter 2nd
-60kg Vladislav Degtiarev 2nd
-81kg Tanner Sudo 2nd

WCSG and Provincial Training Camp

Division: WCSG Team Mandatory, U14, U16, U18, U21 and Seniors all welcomed

Address for training camp:

Tolide Judo Club
Dow Center
84 St. & 87 Ave.
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Friday July 10th, 2015

1pm-3pm Judo
4pm-5pm Team meeting
5pm-7pm Judo Randori night

Saturday July 11th, 2015

8am-9:30am Judo
WCSG Staging 10:15am Sherwood Park

Please bring running shoes and exercise clothing.

This camp is focus for Team Alberta WCSG team, but I encourage all athletes that want to compete on the provincial team next season to come and train.

Thank you

Laurie Wiltshire HP Judo Alberta Coach
Phone: 403-923-6358
E-mail: laurie@judoalberta.com

2015 World Cadet Championships

A special congratulations goes out to the following Judo Alberta members:

– Viginia Nemeth -44kg
– Brette Poliakiwski -52kg
– Hana Varsaniyi -63kg
– Tanner Sudo -81kg

These competitors have been selected to represent Canada at the 2015 World Cadet Championships in Sarajevo, BIH taking place from August 5th-9th 2015. Judo Alberta is proud of you achievements and wishes you the best of luck at the competition!

2015 Canadian Judo Championship Results

Congratulations to all Judoka who competed at the 2015 Canadian Judo Championships in Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu, QB!

Here are the results from team Alberta:

Day 1 Thursday May 14th:

– Gordon Okamura and Kelly Palmer took 3 gold medals in Kata (Katame no kata, Goshin Jutsu, and Ju no Kata)

Day 2 Friday May 15th

– Rashad Chin Masters M1/M2 -66kg Gold
– Tim Takahashi Masters M3/M4 -66kg Gold
– Ashley McLeod U16Female -52kg Bronze
– T’Kiya Farn U16Female 070kg 5th place
– Talani Iwaasa U16Female O70kg 5th place
– Virginia Nemeth U18 Female -48kg Gold
– Taeya Koliaska U18 Female -48kg Silver
– Alexandra Gagnon U18 Female -57kg 5th place
– Keira Trotter U18 Female -70kg Gold
– Sarah Perks U18 Female o70kg Gold
– Ty Nakano U18 Male -60kg 5th place

Day 3 Saturday May 16th

– Joel Demeare U16 Males -55kg 5th place
– David Wu U16 Male -60kg Gold
– Christian Hill U16 Male -60kg Silver
– Adam Thomson U16 Male -66kg Bronze
– Atlas Blanchette Van Oploo U16 Male -66kg 5th place
– Virginia Nemeth U21 Female -48kg Silver
– Taeya Koliaska U21 Female -48kg Bronze
– Brette Poliakiwski U21 Female -57kg 5th place
– Hana Varsanyi U21 Female -63kg Bronze
– Keira Trotter U21 Female -70kg Bronze
– Sarah Perks U21 Female -78kg Bronze
– Justin McEachern U21 Male -60kg Bronze
– Darren Elcock U21 Male -60kg 5TH place (Withdrew due to injury)
– Tanner Sudo U21 Male -81kg Bronze

Day 4 Sunday May 17th

– Erin Morgan Senior Female -48kg Gold
– Alicia Briggs Senior Female -57kg Silver
– Brette Polialiwski Senior Female -57kg 5th place
– Rashad Chin Senior Male -60kg Silver
– Kevin Tamikado Senior Male -66kg 5th place
– Tanner Sudo Senior Male -81kg 5th place
– Brayden Grenier Male -81kg 5th place

To view the complete results please follow the links below:

Day 1 Results
Day 2 Results
Day 3 Results

Judo Saskatchewan Summer Camp


July 26-August 1, 2015


LCBI High School, Ash St. & 4th Ave. Outlook, Saskatchewan.

Special Option:

Judo Saskatchewan will supply Airport transportation to & from the Saskatoon International Airport for $10.00 per person (please include with payment for camp if you will use this service )


Apply by June 26, 2015. Late applications will be an additional $25 per applicant.


Ewan Beaton:

Judo Saskatchewan High Performance Coach & Director of Development
2004 Canadian Olympic Coach/ 2008 Olympic Team Leader
1992/1996 Canadian Olympian
Judo Canada RTCM

Laurie Wiltshire:

Eight Time Canadian National Champion
2007 US Open Champion
High Performance Coach Judo Alberta

Amy Cotton:

2004/2012 Canadian Olympian
Four Time Canadian Champion
25 World Cup Medals
Judo Saskatchewan High Performance Coach

Scott Tanner:

Judo Nova Scotia High Performance Coach
1998 National Champion
Judo Canada Atlantics RTC
2011 University Games Canadian Coach

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Presidential Recognition Award

Congratulations to Judo Alberta President Kelly Thornton on receiving the prestigious Presidential Recognition Award at the Canadian Judo Championships in St Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec.

Kelly Thornton:

“Kelly Thornton has been the President of Judo Alberta since 2010 and has been organizing tournaments in Edmonton for over a decade.

Kelly was the President of the Local Organizing Committee for the 2011 Senior Nationals and most recently the Lead Organizer for the 2015 Pan Am Championships in Edmonton.

Starting Judo when he was 9 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan by the age of 14 Kelly represented Saskatchewan at his first Nationals and competed Nationally during the nineties for Alberta and retired in 2001. Kelly has been the chief instructor of the Tokugawa judo Club since 1999.”

To view the write up of Kelly along with some other outstanding individuals please click here .

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