2014 Ontario Open Results

Saturday November 8th, 2014

– Ian Ayasse -66kg 3-1 2nd Place
– Jordan Landry -70kg 1-1 2nd Place
– Virginia Nemeth -48kg 3-0 1st Place
– Brette Poliakiwski -52kg 4-0 1st Place
– Keira Trotter -70kg 3-0 1st Place
– Sarah Perks + 70kg 3-0 1st Place
– Tanner Sudo -81kg 4-0 1st Place
– Dawson Mandel -73kg 2-1 2nd Place
– Jordyn Pedersen -57kg 1-2 3rd Place
– Alex Gagnon -57kg 1-2 3rd Place
– Adam Thomson -60kg 4-2 5th Place
– McKenzie Morgan -66kg 2-2 7th Place

Sunday November 9th, 2014

– David Wu -55kg 3-0 1st Place
– Joel Demaere -55kg 2-1 2nd Place
– Adam Thomson -60kg 4-1 2nd Place
– Erin Morgan -48kg 3-0 1st Place
– Darren Elcock -60kg 4-0 1st Place
– Robert Edward -90kg 3-0 1st Place
– Brette Poliakiwski -52kg 3-1 2nd Place
– Allie Briggs -57kg 2-2 3rd Place
– Tanner Sudo -81kg 3-1 3rd Place
– Virginia Nemeth -48kg 2-2 5th Place
– Brayden Grenier -81kg 2-2 5th Place
– Taeya Koliaska -48kg 1-2 7th Place

Total of: 19 medals at Ontario Open

Provincial Training Camp November 22-23, 2014


U14, U16, U18, U21, seniors, Masters


Lethbridge Judo Club
2775 28th Ave South
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 7L6


November 22nd, 2014
1215-1415 Technical Training
1600-1700 Nutritionist
1700-1900 Randori Session

November 23, 2014
800-900 Circuit training
945-1145 Review/ Randori
1145-1215 Team meeting

Please bring running shoes and exercise clothing.

This Provincial training camp is #2 out of 4 Provincial training camp for this season. Please review the provincial team selection policy to know how many camps are required for minimum selection criteria.
Team Alberta Selection Policy

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you

Laurie Wiltshire HP Judo Alberta Coach
Phone: 403-923-6358
E-mail: laurie@judoalberta.com

Elite Athlete Funding

The Judo Alberta coaching staff has released the Elite Athlete funding application. This application is for funding for Judo Alberta/ Judo Canada events that have taken or will take place between: September 2014-December 2014 *Please note athletes attending Quebec Open/ Fall National training camp/ Ontario Open that are fighting off for Canada Winter Games will receive funding for these events from CWG funding, these athletes will not be eligible to apply for Elite athlete funding for these events due to the amount of money Judo Alberta is already giving them. If an athlete is not fighting off for CWG please feel free to apply for elite athlete funding if the athlete meets the criteria in the Elite athlete funding policy*

The elite athlete funding is for athletes in age divisions U18, U21, and Senior that our travelling out of province for tournaments or training camps at a national or international level. The Judo Alberta coaching staffs is allocating $3000.00 towards this part of the season for elite level athletes. The whole funds may or may not be completely used depending on the number of applicants and events.

Applying for this funding does not guarantee that funds will be issued to you. The coaching staff are looking for athletes that have shown dedication to their own judo training, tournament participation, and training camp participation. Also the coaching staff is looking for athletes that are planning for future goals in the sport. Please see a list of example tournaments that we will fund on the Elite athlete funding policy .

The coaching staff want the athletes to have full support from their personal coach/ head sensei/club before applying for funds.

To download the funding application please click here !

The deadline to apply for this round of funding is: November 16th, 2014
Please submit funding applications to:

Laurie Wiltshire:
Email: laurie@judoalberta.com
Thank you
Judo Alberta Coaching Staff

Red Deer Tournament

Tournament date:

Dec 6,2015


Lindsay Thurber Composite High

Weigh Ins:

Dec 5, 2014 7-9:30pm at shiaijo. Signs will be posted.

Tournament start time:

Dec 6, 8:30am.

Competition will commence with CWG divisions. In the case of fight offs, these will be scheduled for Sunday, Dec 7. Details to be communicated to athletes and coaches.

The tournament will include the following categories:

Senior men ( yellow to blue), Senior women, veteran men.

No senior men brown and black belt categories will be offered in Red Deer.

Training Camp:

Dec 6, 8:45-11:00 am. at shiaijo.

Black Belt Grading:

Sunday, Dec 6. 9am-noon.

2014 Quebec Open Results

Judo Alberta was well represented at the 2014 Quebec Open!
Here are the results from our team members:

Day 1- Saturday Nov. 1st
U21 Division
– Jordan Landry -70kg 2-2 2nd Place

U18 Division
– Sarah Perks +70kg 3-0 1st Place
– Ty Nakano -55kg 4-0 1st Place
– Brette Poliakiwski -52kg 4-0 1st Place
– Tanner Sudo -81kg 3-0 1st Place
– Dawson Mandel -73kg 3-1 2nd Place
– Taeya Koliaska -48kg 3-1 2nd Place
– Kiera Trotter -70kg 2-2 3rd Place
– Virginia Nemeth -48kg 2-2 3rd Place
– Hana Varsanyi -63kg 2-1 5th Place (Withdrew due to injury)
– Alex Gagnon -57kg 1-2 5th Place

Day 2- Sunday Nov. 2nd
U16 Division
– Adam Thomson -60kg 5-0 1st Place
– Ashley Mcleod -52kg 3-1 3rd Place
– David Wu -55kg 3-1 3rd Place
– Christian Hill -66kg 3-2 5th Place
Seniors Division
– Erin Morgan -48kg 4-0 1st Place
– Alicia Briggs -57kg 2-1 2nd Place
– Brette Poliakiwski -52kg 3-1 3rd Place
– Robert Edwards -90kg 3-1 3rd Place

Congratulations to all competitors for your successes!

Judo Alberta Grading

Where: Red Deer
When: December 7, 2014
Time: 9:00am
Venue: TBD

Please send all properly completed forms to:

Gord Okamura – Grading Secretary
11247 – 59 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T6H 1G2

All forms postmarked AFTER November 25, 2014 WILL NOT be accepted for the Red Deer Grading.

Thank you very Much!

Joe Meli,
Grading Chair

Notice of the 2014 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Alberta Kodokan Black Belt Association (Judo Alberta) will be held at the Dow Centennial Centre (8700 – 84 Street, Fort Saskatchewan, AB) on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 7:30 PM.

Please click here to view the 2014 Judo Alberta AGM Report


1) Approval of the agenda (Any concerns or issues by the general membership should be mentioned now so they may be added to the agenda (item #5).

2) Approval of the minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting.

3) Business arising from the minutes of the 2013 Annual General meeting.

4) Reports of the Executive & Committees:
a) President
b) VP of Administration
c) VP of Finance
d) Treasurer/Financial Statement
e) Registrar
f) Secretary
g) Regional Council
h) Women’s Representative
i) Athlete’s Representative
j) Executive Director
k) High Performance Coach
l) Coaching Committee
m) Grading Board
n) Referee Committee
o) Technical Committee
p) NCCP Committee
q) Awards Committee
r) LTAD Committee

5) New Business

6) Volunteer Recognition

7) Elections
a) President
b) VP of Admin
c) Treasurer
d) Secretary
e) Regional Chair(voted on by zone reps)

White Belt Demonstration

Hosted by the Edmonton Yudanshakai Judo Society


December 6, 2014


Dow Centennial Centre
8700-84 Street, Fort Saskatchewan AB


Setup/Participant organization starts at 11:00AM
Demonstrations start at 12:00PM


Developmental skills based on demonstrations by White/White-Yellow belt ranked Judoka.



Contact Information:

Mark Hicks
Phone: (780) 782 3669
Fax: (780) 449 1351
Email: mhicks@sherwoodford.ca

For more information, please see the tournament package !

Yellow to Green Belt Tournament

Hosted by the Edmonton Yudanshakai Judo Society


October 11, 2014
November 15, 2014
January 24, 2015
February 21, 2015


Dow Centennial Centre
8700-84 Street
Fort Saskatchewan, AB


Tournament setup/competitor organization begins at 11:00AM. Fights begin at 12:00PM


Developmental tournaments to expose the lower level judoka in EYJS to a tournament environment. These tournaments are also training grounds for referees, timekeepers, draw keepers, setup, etc.

For any questions please contact the Tournament Director:

Mark Hicks
Phone: (780) 782-3669
Fax: (780) 449-1351
Email: mhicks@sherwoodford.ca

Please click here to view the tournament package.

NCCP Dojo Assistant Course

NCCP Dojo Assistant Course
Judo Alberta is offering a NCCP Dojo Assistant course in Airdrie scheduled for:

Oct. 24 5:30 – 10 pm
Oct. 25, 9 am – 7 pm
Oct. 26, 9 am – 1 pm

The cost is $250 cash or cheque payable to Judo Alberta.
Please register by email to bibbey@telusplanet.net

Registration Deadline is Oct. 10/14
A minimum of 6 registrants are required for the course to proceed.

Make your club better by making yourself better!

Alberta Sport ConnectionNCCPOur Sponsors