Return to Judo Guidelines (Updated June 16, 2020)

Hello Judo Alberta Members,

I am happy to announce that we are officially permitted to re-open our dojos!

Please find attached the “Judo Alberta – Return to Judo” guidelines that must be enforced by all clubs.

You will find that in the plan there are 5 phases to return to judo safely. Due to the recent announcement from the Government of Alberta that as province we are moving into Stage 2 of the Covide-19 relaunch strategy, this places us in Phase 4 of the Return to Judo guidelines.

So yes, we may resume normal judo practices with some restrictions as outlined in the guidelines. Please keep in mind that at anytime we can be notified by the province that we need to tighten our restrictions and resort back to another phase that meets the requirements.

The time we are in is new to all of us so the guidelines may be a working document that needs adjustment throughout the process. We appreciate your cooperation and patients during this time.

Have fun, and best of luck returning to Judo!


Judo Alberta Return to Judo Guidelines (Updated June 16, 2020)