Return to Judo Guidelines (Updated October 29, 2020)

Hello Judo Alberta Members,

Over the past few weeks some clubs have reached out to Judo Alberta questioning the multi-sport participation restriction that was previously outlined in our Return to Judo Guidelines.

After taking into consideration Dr. Hinshaw’s update from September 21st “At this time, the current sports team cohort of 50 people will not be increasing for some time. The doctor noted that it is possible to be involved with multiple sports cohorts at a time, but recommends only belonging to a couple.” and consulting with Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR) we have decided to update the Phase 4 “Working in Cohorts” section to read:


The following protocol details the different steps to be followed for holding a judo session given the return to judo plan in Phase 4 – Working in Cohorts. Clubs are permitted to run classes regularly (full-contact) with cohorts of up to 50 people (max). Cohorts must train together throughout the duration of Phase 4 with the following restrictions:

  • No inter-cohort training until further notice. (Ex: Member of Cohort A cannot train with Cohort B at any given time)
  • If clubs are running multiple cohort sessions, there must be staggered start times to ensure the facility is sanitized properly prior to any training sessions.
  • Coaches/instructors wishing to coach multiple cohorts must maintain 2 metre social distancing with all participants when applicable.
  • It is recommended that members limit themselves to the number of cohorts they participate in. (Revised October 9, 2020 – please see multi-cohort revision below)
  • Multi-sport athletes must identify themselves to plan isolation training accordingly
  • Multi-sport athletes must identify themselves to the judo club and supply information on their second sport cohort. Judo Clubs can plan isolation training or have the athlete participate in full contact training. (Revised October 9, 2020)

Updated recommendations for multi-sport cohort members:

  • Identify that they are in multiple sport cohorts
  • Supply information on the additional sport cohort – schedules, team, location, number of teammates.
  • Supply safety guidelines from the sport organization of the additional cohort (Highly recommended that one is in place before allowing member to participate.
  • Supply contact information on the second sport cohort – phone, position (coach, manager, commissioner)

Parents and spectators do not count towards the cohort limit. They must maintain 2 metre social distancing.

Operate at Your Comfort Level

*It is important to note that clubs can operate in any phase currently permitted by Judo Alberta (1-4) and may still wish to enforce the multi-sport athlete restriction. These guidelines are consistent with what is permitted by the provincial government at this time so they must be respected at all times.

Regional Updates

*Please pay attention to regional updates from the Government of Alberta. Yesterday, Dr. Hinshaw released a RECOMMENDATION for the Edmonton area stating, “People living in the Edmonton zone to limit the number of their cohorts groups to three — such as family, school and a sport or social group.”

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Judo Alberta


Judo Alberta Return to Judo Guidelines (Updated October 29, 2020)