Saskatchewan Open

Hello coaches,

Please find attached the technical package for the 2016 Saskatchewan Open on January 23-24, 2016 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Hotel Deadlines: December 22, 2015 and December 29, 2015

Entry Deadlines: January 15, 2016

The Sask Open is a Judo Canada regional point competition where athletes can gain points & standards for the national team for U18 Elite Nationals Selection / U21 & Senior Teams / Elite Nationals Selection.

If you have athletes that are interested in attending the 2016 Open Nationals in May 2016 it is important that athletes get out of province experience. (fight different people) The Sask Open is an excellent event to compete with different athletes and to have a great training the next day.

I would recommend the following:

Last year U16 athletes (2001) to compete in their U16 division and U18 to gain points for the 2017 Elite Nationals.

U18 National Team Points: 2016 Sask Open: 7 points / Second Place 5 Points

U18 athletes should be competing in U18 and Senior (if you are a green belt male compete in Senior Novice me)

U21 athletes should be competing in U21 and Senior (if you are a green belt male compete in Senior Novice me)

It is important that you compete in the senior division to score national team points & standards:

First Place 10 Points & G standard
Second Place 7 Points

Note: National Team Standards give athletes access to different level international events. A “G” standard for a U18 and U21 athlete can give them access to Judo Canada events. The Sask Open is a great opportunity for U18 and U21 athletes to get experience at the senior level.

Competing in the senior division is important so Western Canada can maintain Regional Point competitions in our regions. The woman’s divisions desperately need to have larger divisions. The goal is to have
8 athletes in all senior divisions – male and female. This will attract more athletes to the competition from other provinces.

Remember that any athlete who will be competing at the 2016 National Championships should be looking at a minimum of 40 matches in the year.
(40 to 80 matches is ideal)

Have a great day,

Ewan Beaton
Judo Alberta HP Coach

To view the technical package please click here.