U of A Competition Key Early Season Learning

Hello everyone,

It was great to see so many people at the U of A competition and the changes of the kids from 6 months ago. It always amazes me how quickly a young athlete can change in 6 months from growth, training or a combination of both.

1) Kumi-kata: It is important that athletes develop more intensity in their gripping situations and control. The gripping needs to be done in a purposeful way with higher intensity and power. Remember that posture is key for all judo situations. (Keep straight, strong and mobile)

2) Attacking Frequency: It is important that athletes attack more frequently and in sequences. Encourage athletes to attack in twos and threes…..they have to try to develop combinations and action reaction to make their judo more effective.

3) Off the grips attacking: It is important that athletes change the flow of a match up with an off the grip attack. Athletes can attack from one grip on their opponent or start their attack as they are gripping.
(grip and attack at the same time) Athletes need to understand that they do not need to have the perfect sleeve and lapel grip to attack but instead they can sometimes be creative with off the grip attacks.

4) Quadrant Attacking / Attacking Plan: To often in matches we saw athletes only attacking in one direction with one technique for the full match. Remember that athletes should try to have a strong technique in all quadrants. They also need to understand that after a strong attack with their best technique the ability to attack in another quadrant has just opened up. (360 Judo Development)

5) Transition: There were some good examples of transitioning to ne-waza on the weekend. Remember that all athletes should have 1-2 dependable techniques they can use at competition. They need to be drilled in all areas when using it: blocking a throw, knocking your opponent down are the basics situations that need to be drilled.

It was great to see so many coaches at the competition working with their athletes! Keep up the good work!

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Ewan Beaton
Judo Alberta HP Coach