Edmonton, May 16, 2019 – Thursday was the first day of the Canadian Open Judo Championships at the Butterdome of the University of Alberta.

Okamura and Palmer

The competition started on Thursday morning with the kata tournament, with many of Canada’s best athletes under the spotlight, including Gord Okamura and Kelly Palmer, long-time partners and regular faces on the podium at the international level.

The duo decided that this year would be their last year competing on the circuit after 14 years together, and they’re making sure to leave on a high note. After winning a gold and a silver medal at the Pan-American Kata Championships in Peru just a few weeks ago, they are back with two gold medals in Edmonton in Katame No Kata and Kime No Kata.

“We are absolutely delighted with today’s results,” said Palmer. “We are qualified for the World Championships later this year, and we will enjoy every second of it, but there is no doubt in our minds that now is the right moment to retire, before our performance level starts to drop. We will keep training in judo, and I was asked to be a kata coach for other duos, which is something that I plan on doing. I might even compete again with other partners, but I don’t think I’ll be able to reach the same level I did with Gord.”

“We want to thank Judo Canada for their support over the years. They gave us so many great opportunities with kata clinics and tournaments, they were behind each medal that we have won,” he added.

Danielle Ferland and Aiko Lachaine, who also won a gold medal in Peru, were crowned again in Edmonton in Ju No Kata. Martin Vallières and Patrick Roffi won gold in Goshin Jutsu, and Bailey Hu and Shane Rooney triumphed in Nage No Kata.

Cheyenne Fiandor and Jeff Allen Ne Waza Grand Champions

The Ne Waza tournament took place on the mats at the Butterdome after katas. Cheyenne Fiandor and Jeff Allen, after winning in their respective categories, were back to win the overall champion titles.

Allen and Fiandor

It was a surprise win for Allen, from the Huntsville Judo Club, who didn’t know there would be an overall category until he won the title in +81 kg. “I wasn’t expecting it, but I guess it all worked out in the end!” he commented. “I’ve been fighting for about 8 years, and I first joined with my son just for fun, but I’ve been doing better and better each year, and it’s great to win the overall champion title now, I’m very happy with that.”

Because there were only 2 fighters in his category, Allen had to defeat Chris Hodgson twice to get through to the grand champion finale, where he also won against Brennan Jolley and Vincent Marticotte. Jeff Allen will be competing again in the tournament in +100 kg, first as a Veteran on Friday, then as a Senior on Sunday.

On the women’s side, the title was won by Cheyenne Fiandor (-63 kg) from the Nanaimo Judo Club. Fiandor had planned to fight alongside her sister during the weekend, but her sister couldn’t attend after breaking her leg just days before leaving for Edmonton. “I was nervous coming in, because I’ve missed trainings to be with her at the hospital. It was sad to know she wouldn’t be coming, but it gave me the motivation to win, I wanted to get that medal for her,” said Fiandor.

Cheyenne eliminated Sienna McCorkell in her category, then Jennifer Nguyen and Chelys Vallejo in the grand champion tournament. It was a first national title for her, after winning a few bronze medals in the past. “It had been a while since the last time I competed at Nationals, because I took a year off to go to school. It’s great to come back this year and see that I’m stronger than ever!” she added.

Written by Sarah Mailhot for Judo Canada

Patrick Esparbès
Chief Operating Officer
(514) 668-6279

2019 Canadian Open Judo Championships

2019 Canadian Open Judo Championships

The 2019 Canadian Open Judo Championships will take place on May 16-19, 2019 at the University of Alberta Universaide Pavilion (Butterdome). For more information please visit the tournament website http://judonationals.org/

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3801 – 23 AVENUE SOUTH






2019 Katsuta Kup

2019 Katsuta Kup

Katsuta Kup 2019
Technical Package Download

DATE:  SATURDAY, May 4, 2019

Raymond High School
65W 100 N, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0

TIME:  10:00 AM

Sat. May 4,   7:45 – 9:00 AM  High School
U8, U10, U12 use club entry form
All judokans  must register by 9:00 AM Sat. prior to the tournament.

$35 /contestant.
Contestants may compete in one Division only.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
Entry deadline is April 26, 2019.
Please send one club cheque or money order payable to RAYMOND JUDO CLUB

Mail Registrations to:

Gloria Gilmour
Box 988
Raymond, AB  T0K 2S0
Ph. 403 – 752 – 4463
Email: judoclub@raymond.ca

Minimum belt rank is Yellow.
All competitors must show current registration.

2019 Rocky Mountain Invitational – Results

2019 Rocky Mountain Invitational – Results

Rocky Mountain 2019 Results
2019 Canadian Open Judo Championship Sponsorship Package

2019 Canadian Open Judo Championship Sponsorship Package

On behalf of Judo Canada and the organizing committee, Judo Alberta and the Edmonton area judo clubs are very proud to be able to offer your organization a unique and exciting marketing opportunity.

We are pleased to announce we are hosting the 2019 Canadian Open Judo Championships. Last year’s event was a resounding success. This dynamic sporting event will take place on the 16th to 19th of May at the U of A Butterdome.

By supporting this event with your sponsorship, you are helping Canada’s elite athletes. In this respect, your financial support will also further the goals of Judo Canada, as well as those of our nation, provincial and territorial governing bodies.

Canadian provincial judo teams will be bringing their strongest and most talented athletes to this prestigious tournament. U16, U18, U21, Senior, and Veteran male and female competitors will travel to Edmonton to compete for a position on the podium for a coveted championship medal.

The tournament will receive local, regional, and provincial cross-media coverage. The event will also be live streamed online providing enhanced exposure for your organization.

There are several ways your organization can offer financial support. It can be something as simple as a one-time donation, or perhaps as sophisticated as livestream sponsorship. There are several opportunities to choose from that can accommodate every budget.

To find out how to be a part of this action-packed event, and for pricing and submission details, please see the information in the accompanying Sponsorship Opportunities document. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

2019 Canadian OPen Judo Championships Sponsorship Package

Sponsorship Package Download

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Yours very truly,

Kelly Thornton
Chair, Organizing Committee
(780) 886-9920

2019 Edmonton International Judo Championship Results

2019 Edmonton International Judo Championship Results

Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped organize the 2019 Edmonton International Judo Championship. It was a great weekend of Judo and we are looking forward to having everyone back next year!

Here are the results from the weekend:

Day 1

Day 2


2019 Canada Winter Games Wrap Up

2019 Canada Winter Games Wrap Up

On behalf of Judo Alberta we would like to give a special thank you to all of the athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers who helped make the 2019 Canada Winter Games such a memorable experience.

Congratulations to Team Alberta on an amazing competition. Your accomplishments were one for the record books! Here are some moments from the 2019 CWG:

Thank you to Richard Gagnon and the Canada Winter Games mission staff on putting together this amazing video.




17th Annual Judo Alberta Female Training Camp and Sleepover

17th Annual Judo Alberta Female Training Camp and Sleepover

Hello Judo Alberta Members,

The 2019 Female Training Camp & Sleepover held on April 6-7, 2019 at the Rodrigo Resend Academy (469 Spruce Grove, AB).

This year’s camp will feature special guest Erin Morgan!


Erin started judo at the Canmore Judo Club and later on travelled to Calgary to train at Hiro’s Judo Club. She eventually moved to Montreal to further her training. At 25 years of age and 17 years of judo Erin announced her retirement from international judo competitions in January 2019. Some of Erin accomplishments include:

  • 10x National Medalist
  • 1x Junior National Champion
  • 2x Senior National Champion
  • 2x World Cup Medalist
  • 1x European Cup Medalist
  • 7th place Panam Championships

Registration Details:

  • $40 per participant (this will include tournament fee, food, lodging, activities and gift)
  • $25 per chaperone (If you are not a judoka but want to chaperone for the weekend)
  • Release form must be filled out and sent with payment
  • Payment due with release forms.

Please make cheques payable to Judo Alberta

The deadline to register is Monday April 1, 2019. Please mail all registrations to:

Tammy Thornton
48 Howson Cres
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4T6

Any questions can be directed to Tammy at mrst@telusplanet.net

2019 Registration Form

Thank you.


Day 2 Recap From Canada Winter Games

Day 2 Recap From Canada Winter Games

Day 2 of competition started off with a number of quick matches.  Lochlan Young of BC threw Geoffrey Woodford of PEI in the first 15 seconds of the match.  In the next match Loc Cassista of NB counters Connor Steele of NS also in the first 15 seconds which resulted in an injury when Connor reached out with his hand.  On the women’s side, Caleigh Kuramoto BC threw Hailey Peddle NS in the first 10 seconds and a few bouts later Samia Boussarhane QC threw Shannon Caines NS for the ippon win in the first 10 seconds.  Experience was a key factor in each of these matches. As the day progressed the matches became longer as many of the experienced competitors were more tactical in their matches and used deliberate gripping strategies to make more effective attacks or force their opponents to take penalties.

In the -57 kg female division, Kiera Westlake methodically controlled the match and won over Caleigh Kuramoto by penalties.  Sarah Ekosky of Manitoba won the bronze medal over Anne-Clara Guerin of Quebec and Alyssandra Manuel of Ontario captured the second bronze medal by defeating Elysia Kehrig of Saskatchewan.

In the -63 kg division Isabelle Harris of BC threw Sierra Tanner of Nova Scotia for a half point and managed to keep the lead till time ran out for Sierra.  The bronze medal went to Ilhem Boussarhane of Quebec who countered Rachel Krapman of Ontario. In the other bronze medal match, Teyana Roberts of Alberta beat out teammate Greta Goasdoue-Wallace.

The -70kg division was run as two pools and in the semi finals Brae Booth of BC won over Keeley Hussey of New Brunswick.  While Bailey Doerfler lost to Ilhem Ouali of Quebec.

Hussey and Doerfler received bronze medals while Booth and Ouali proceeded to the finals.  In the finals it would be Brae Booth who came out on top with the gold. “It was harder than the first match I had with her in the pool round.” said Booth.  “I just had to take my time and wait for the right moment.”

In +70kg female division Coralie Godbout of Quebec won the gold over Samantha Ulrich of Manitoba.  The bronze medal went to Emma Mullett of Newfoundland who beat out fellow Newfoundlander Natalie Freake.  Janessa Keays also took home a bronze medal by beating out Emilie Townsend of Nova Scotia.

On the men’s side, in the -73 kg division, Nick Gagnon lost to Victor Gougeon-Gaz by two half points.  Both scores were from identical throws that Nick tried to walk over and got caught. The gold medal went to Victor and Nick had to settle for the silver.  The bronze medals in this division went to Lochlan Young of BC and Justin Ekosky of Manitoba.

The -81 kg division saw Payton Harris of BC squared off with Alexandre Arencibia of Quebec. Alexandre managed to score a half point by throwing Payton and follows up with a tight hold down to win the gold medal.  The bronze medal matches saw Taylor Althouse win over Nicholas Langlois and Michael Akbashev won over Samuel Nadeau.

The +81 kg had an exciting final match of the day.  Ian Ryder of BC threw Martin Penchev of Quebec and although the referee called it a full point, it was downgraded to a half point.  Ian threw Penchev a second time to score the win by a full point. In the bronze medal match, Sasha Tanasiuk of Alberta surprises Owen Macumber of Ontario and chokes him out before he has a chance to tap out.  In the other match, Wilson Elliot of the Northwest Territories throws Ijob Hamraev of Manitoba to score the win and the bronze medal.

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